Elina Svitolina Sponsors

NIKE designs, develops and markets high quality footwear, apparel, equipment and accessory products worldwide. We are the largest seller of athletic footwear and apparel in the world and sell our products primarily through a combination of retail accounts, NIKE-owned retail, including stores and e-commerce, independent distributors, franchisees and licensees worldwide. Our goal is to deliver value to our shareholders by building a profitable global portfolio of branded footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories businesses. Our strategy is to achieve long-term revenue growth by creating innovative, “must have” products; building deep personal consumer connections with our brands; and delivering compelling retail presentation and experiences.

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Headquartered in Chicago, the United States, Wilson is the world's leading manufacturer of ball sports equipment. Wilson's core sports are tennis, baseball, American football, golf, basketball, softball, badminton, and squash. As the originator of breakthrough technologies, Wilson has produced legendary classics and earned world-wide legitimacy in each sport it participates in. Backed by generations of athletes, Wilson is the true American icon in the world of sports equipment.

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Superior Golf & SPA Resort
Superior Golf & SPA Resort is the official sponsor of Elina Svitolina supporting her tennis career over the past years. Superior is a five star hotel, golf & spa resort that provides the ultimate golf & spa experience. Located just 15 minutes away from downtown Kharkov, the Superior Golf & SPA Resort is a unique complex in Ukraine. Combining European quality standards and Ukrainian hospitality, the hotel heartily opens its doors to welcome guests from around the world who appreciate exclusivity, personalized service, and excellent quality. 

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POUSTOVIT is an European brand of women’s wear, which has found it's relevance in infinity of everyday sophistication.
In brand’s aesthetics courage borders with a sense of proportion.
Dresses, sensuality, prints, positivity and confidence are reality of POUSTOVIT.

Poustovit woman is a harmonious, strong but feminine personality; she’s multitasking, living on the edge of social activity and family values. She likes to win in every moment – either she needs a comfort or a stylish look.
She’s romantic, but not too much, she’s sexy but not aggressive. She’s always moving forward so the clothes she chooses have to innovate and complete her personality at the same time by giving her a sense of completeness.

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Jan Niche Concept
Jan Niche Concept was founded in Odessa in 1990. It's one of Europe's biggest growing retail chain offering unique selection of niche perfumery and make-up products represented by ten boutiques in Odesa, Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolaiv and Lviv. 

Being a dedicated fan of healthy and active lifestyle, the owner of Jan Niche Concept perfumery chain Alex Radyan considers sport as area for corporate social responsibility. Participating in initiatives that benefit society, supporting beginner sportsmen and therefore promoting sport are permanent milestones of Jan Niche Concept. Since 2013 Jan Niche Concept co-sponsors the rising star and Ukraine's No. 1 in tennis Elina Svitolina from Odesa.

Find out more at www.jan.com.ua

Le tennis est un sport extrêmement exigeant sur le plan athlétique. La vitessedu service, l’enchainement des matchs, des frappes, l’intensité montrent à quel point le joueur de tennis de haut niveau doit posséder de grandes qualités physiques.
Pour réussir à maintenir ma performance physique et ma concentration sur l’ensemble d’un match, je porte une attention particulière à mon hydratation en utilisant la boisson EAFIT 2-4h à tous les changements de côté.  
Lorsque le match dure et que l’intensité physique est élevée, j’utilise également les dosettes Finisher pour un coup de fouet immédiat grâce à l’apport en sucres et grâce aux plantes : maté, guarana, éleuthérocoque et gingembre. 
De plus, l’enchainement des matchs tous les jours lors des tournois m’oblige à porter une grande rigueur sur le plan de la récupération. Pour cela, j’utilise les BCAA pour optimiser ma récupération.    
Enfin, j’utilise la Protéine Végétale Premium pour un apport protéiné le soir afin d’optimiser ma récupération tout en préservant ma vitalité lors des périodes de sèche.

Find out more at www.eafit.com