In the French Open quarterfinals Elina Svitolina lost to Simona Halep, ranked No. 4 in WTA, 6-3 6-7 (6) 0-6. Elina dominated the first half of the match and was in the lead with a set and 5-1 in the second set. However, the Romanian managed to turn the match around and leveled the set. The outcome of second set was decided on a tiebreak, where Elina had a matchpoint on her opponent's serve, but it was Halep who clinched the set in the end. In the decider Simona Halep completely took the initiative and finished the match in her favor. 

"I think it was a good match for me, - Elina said during her post-match press conference. - I should not take it as a bad match or as a bad day. I think Simona started to play better, of course I let her to come back a little bit, and she always fights for every ball. So I expected this from her, it was normal. In the third set, it seems like I was a little bit off mentally. It was very tough to come back after such a tough second set and defeat. I tried to do not think about It so much, to don't affect my game. 

What are the positive things that I am bringing with me from these two weeks? The way I play, the way I handle the pressure. I start feeling the ball well, I start moving well. Everything comes together - this what makes the result. I'm happy with the way I play, the way I'm showing good tennis, that's what we are working on with my team. 

The trying to be positive and everything - this is the part of more mature, there is life after tennis (smiling). I think I need to be more open-minded on some things. I am much better in this since this year. I try to don't only focus on tennis. Of course, this is my life, but after this kind of matches, you go back to the hotel, you still have your family, and that's what matters. 

After probably ten years I'm gonna finish tennis, so I'm going to have my life and gonna live happily after tennis, as well. Now I need to build something besides this and it's important for me to have something different in my life, and that's what I'm working on. 

First days I will have holidays, completely off of tennis, off everything. And then I play Birmingham. So I will speak with my team probably tomorrow what's gonna be the plan. Reaching the quarterfinals of Roland Garros guaranteed Elina her new personal and Ukrainian national record in the rankings as she will rise to No. 5 on Monday.