On the last season

The beginning of the season didn't go the way I wanted, but soon everything went much better. On the court and mentally I felt more confident in myself. Also, my preparations and pre-tournament routine have been slightly changed. Overall, at the end of the year I've achieved good results and I'm happy with my season.

Of course, you always want to achieve only the best results. This year, for example, I wanted to get into the top 10. I always set only big goals for myself, because I want to have something to motivate me to move forward. Of course, I will try to play better and I think I have good chances to succeed.

On motivation

I always have motivation. In tennis it's impossible to win every match, so there is always something to work on. But when you play at such events as the Grand Slam tournament, where are a lot of spectators, it's very motivating. Also my fans always support me. Even if I don't play very well, they send me a lot of supportive messages. It is very nice and helps me to move forward.

On her strengths

Since I don't have such a speedy serve, for example like Serena Williams, I believe that my strength is my fitness. I can play for a long time and have quite a lot of matches in a row, change the rhythm and pace of the game. And I can do all of this because physically I feel very strong.

It's not always a good tactic to go from defense to offense, it depends on your opponent. For example, such players like Kvitova, they simply crush you with the speed. But if you find the right moment and the balance between defense and attack, the opponent will be feeling uncomfortable, and he will not know what to expect from you and what will be your next shot - are you going to attack or keep the ball in the rally.

On her preparation for a new season

Now I have two weeks of complete rest. But it doesn't mean that I forgot about my daily routine. During the season your body is constantly in stress, so you need to give it a rest, but still to do the necessary exercises. I always travel with my fitness coach, who creates the programms for me - some of them are for relaxation, and some - to increase the level of my fitness. We have a specific program which I do before and after the match, before and after the tournament, so we work all the time. And, of course, we try to bring a variety in it, so I won't get bored of the repetitive exercises.

About friendship and idol in tennis

I chat to many girls on the tour, but I don't have a lot of friends. In tennis - only Olga Savchuk. When you're not on the court, you want to focus on other things and not think about tennis. When you go out on the court, before the tournament and during the match there is a lot of pressure, so I want to have other topics to talk about with someone who is far from tennis.

Since childhood, my idol is Andre Agassi. We've never met, but I've seen him quite often on the big tournaments. Of course, I'd like to meet him.

On gifts from the fans

Usually, they give me toys. For example, in Japan I always get a lot of gifts and I leave the country with huge bags: T-shirts, handbags, various towels, once someone even gave me "Snoopy" socks... (laughs). So it's a lot of gifts, but mostly toys.

On my time off

I am into books, because I spend a lot of time on airplanes. When I come to different tournaments, I'd like to go for a walk, to see the city, to learn something new. If I want to shift the attention, then I'll take a walk in the park or visit a museum, take pictures. I find it very interesting.

On her personal life

Am I single? I always answer this question (laughs). What can I say, I like to communicate and I'm always open to meeting new people (laughs).

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